Water Quality Management For the Irrigation Resources in Your District

Maintain Functional Waterbodies to Keep Water Flowing


It’s vital that irrigation water resources such as lakes, ponds, ditches, canals and reservoirs remain ecologically balanced so that healthy water can flow unimpeded to the agricultural sites and communities that need it. Our team of environmental experts and water quality management professionals are here to help you keep your district’s irrigation resources free of nuisance aquatic weeds, algae and other common water quality problems. 

Optimizing Lake Management Strategies with New Technologies

At SOLitude, we focus on bringing the latest industry innovations and technologies to the forefront in order to better serve our client’s management goals. These new resources allow us to target and proactively manage aquatic ecosystems. A few of the latest game-changing innovations in lake and pond management include:

Manage Your Irrigation Water Resources Properly and Efficiently

Irrigation_Pond_Raleigh_NC_0.60_acres_BEFORE_aquatic_weed_treatments   Irrigation_Pond_Raleigh_NC_0.60_acres_AFTER_aquatic_weed_treatments

The water quality of your irrigation resources plays a key role in the success and well-being of your community. The farmers and residents of your district are counting on you to provide them with safe, flowing irrigation water, so it is critical that reservoirs, lakes and canals are properly maintained. Consider some more proactive approaches to your management strategy:

Proactively Manage Your Waterbody with All-Natural Solutions

BiocharForeign nutrients inevitably lead to poor water quality, toxic algae blooms and foul odors which can become a danger and nusiance to those who have access to your waterbody. Thanks to new innovations in the industry, a new green solution is changing the way we manage these water quailty issues. Biochar is a natural management method that offers a new, safer way to filter unwanted nutrients and pollutants that feed algae blooms and other aquatic nuisances. 

Biochar is a highly adsorbent, porous material very similar to activated charcoal that is packed in sock-like bag and placed near inlets or in moving water. Once the bag is full, it is pulled from the water where excess nutrients and pollutants are physically removed from the water column. This environmentally-friendly technology restores water quality, leaving you with a healthy, functional waterbody that is safe for processing, irrigation and public use.  

Secure Your Irrigation Resources

Take the next step towards a healthy, functional waterbody. No matter the issue you are dealing with, we are able to provide new technologies that can help restore and protect your municipality’s aquatic resources and help prevent future water quality issues from arising. Contact your professional lake and pond manager to help you improve your waterbodies functionality and water quality.

Secure the water quality solutions you need with SOLitude to provide your district with healthy, flowing irrigation water.

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